Erotic Fantasies for Role Plays and Perfect Date

Erotic Fantasies for Role Plays and Perfect Date

Teacher/college student, secretary/boss, or even German barmaid and beer drinker are common sex role play scenarios guys enjoy. When your client tells you about their role play desires, show up next time in a sexy outfit befitting your character, and dive deep. It’s easy to get a costume for nearly any role play fantasy these days, since there is a sexy version of almost any Halloween costume! Hit the Search bar for in tantric massage near me for services related to erotic fantasies and role plays around the UK.

How to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Public Exposure

Exhibitionism is a fairly common fetish for guys to have. Clients who like the danger of possibly getting caught might enjoy a good shag in a pub bathroom, or even a quick cock grab in the elevator on the way up to a hotel room for a fuck session. Whatever the guy’s fantasy, a good working girl will always listen for erotic cues and get to know her clients’ likes and dislikes.

The BDSM Sub

Clients who have expressed a desire to be submissive are looking for you, the escort, to take control. Leather or latex outfits are always suitable for a dominant woman, so try wearing one for your submissive clients. A leash attached to a collar could be a fun way to experiment for a BDSM newbie. Lead him around on all fours before you allow your sub to worship your beautiful body! Check out our BDSM guide for more information.

Group Sex

Most punters can only dream of having sex with two bisexual working girls at the same time, however, through escorting, those dreams can become reality. If your client expresses a desire for a group sex fantasy, try suggesting a fellow escort that you know, who you would like to bring into the mix. She will appreciate it, and you’ll both make more money and have a ton of fun together. Alternatively try searching for escorts near me on Sensual Massages UK and couple up with someone.

Asian masseuses offer exceptional services in Nuru massage, which can be really enjoyable as well in a group of three. You can search for Nuru massage near me category and hit the search bar to find them near you now.

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Playing Dress Up

Just by working as an escort or tantric masseuse you become a very hot fantasy figure to a lot of men. Exciting, isn’t it?!

But, as a fantasy figure you’ll often get requests to ‘dress up’ for a client and their ideas for outfits are limitless. This week we take a look at one of the most popular requests: the corset.

Why do Men Find Role Plays so Sexy?

Well, for a start every burlesque dancer and lingerie store has used a corset to advertise their wares. They’re divinely feminine. They help to nip in the waist for that classically sexy hour-glass figure, can lift and accentuate your bust and the lack of straps shows off your neck and shoulders. Then, of course, there’s the act of unlacing or unhooking one which can be incredibly intimate.
Depending on what you wear them with, you can create different looks. Pair a pastel-coloured corset with jeans and heels and you can step out looking sexy and feminine. Pair a black corset with stockings, heels and a whip and you’re set to dominate the strongest man. But, despite all this, corsets can be crippling!

Here’s some tips on how to select the right one:

Quality - corsets are boned, which is what helps to keep the fabric crease-free and create that curvy, hour-glass shape. The bones in cheaper corsets are often made from rigid nylon or polyester which, unlike the steel bones found in more expensive corsets, have a little more give. The disadvantage with cheaper corsets, however, is that with regular wear the bones tend to warp and go out of shape.

If you plan on wearing a corset often, invest in the best quality ones and for absolute decadent luxury, get one tailor-made for your shape and style. Orchid corsets are one of the best bespoke corset makers online.

Comfort and Style - corsets take some getting used to and although regular wear and practice will help, taking care when selecting the style, size and fabric is the best way to find a corset that really works for you.

There are lots of different corset styles and an infinite number of fabric and fastening choices which make each one unique. Deciding what effect you want yours to achieve will help you narrow your options.

Remember that if you get one in PVC or leather it’s likely to make you overheat and if you get one tailor-made, putting on a few pounds could make it too restrictive; it’s not unheard of for corseted ladies to faint and neither you, nor your client wants that!

If you already have a corset that you look particularly hot in, but find that you just can’t breathe or move comfortably in it for any length of time, save it for your escort ad photo shoots. You may find escorts in London offering role plays and some may offer to dress up in corset or PVC or leather outfit.

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You will soon find more style and fashion advice right here on our brand new blog, along with other great features on beauty, fitness, sex, dating and general advice on how to work as a safe and profitable escorts.

Please note - this blog is only for informative and entertainment purpose. We do not encourage anyone to either take part in any of the activities mentioned on Sensual Massages UK platform however if you decide to do so, please protect yourself.

Hit our search bar for erotic massage near me to find best massage providers in your area. Please RESPECT all individuals advertising on Sensual Massages and our Partners. They all deserve to be treated with dignity and professional manner. None form of verbal and physical abuse will be tolerated and reported to Police and other agencies.

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