Body Rub Guide - How To Deliver The Perfect Sensual Massage

Body Rub Guide - How To Deliver The Perfect Sensual Massage

Body rub is a relaxing massage often performed by unqualified therapists, focusing on relaxation needs. This type of massage can lead to heightened sensual arousal, especially for those sensitive to touch. Body rub sessions typically target erogenous zones such as feet, inner thighs, buttocks, scrotum, and nipples.

A body rub massage begins with gentle neck and back massages to relax the entire body, followed by long, gliding strokes that follow the direction of blood returning to the heart. Similar to sensual massage therapy, Trigger points are also addressed. This type of massage is crucial for releasing chronic muscle tension, promoting complete relaxation, and balancing the entire body. It focuses on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons, and the protective layer surrounding muscles.

These techniques enhance energy flow, increase body sensitivity, and stimulate the senses. They involve circular pressure applied by the hands and palms, firm kneading, percussion-like tapping, and gentle stretching.

Communication is encouraged before and during your massage session to tailor the experience to your needs. Body rub offers numerous benefits, including increased oxygen in the blood, decreased muscle toxins, improved circulation, enhanced flexibility, and reduced muscle tension.

You may experience heightened excitement with a full-body erotic massage for men, characterised by intense sensuality and arousal. Afterwards, you might consider indulging in a full body tantric massage, also known as adult naked body massage, for an even more exquisite and intimate experience.

Body to Body massage

Most Pleasurable Body Rubs

Sensual body rubs or tantric massages differ significantly from traditional sports or Swedish massages. While these sessions may touch on traditional and Tantra techniques, body rubs focus on channelling energy throughout the body to release stress and enhance internal chakra energy channels.

During the session, guided breathwork and hypnotic visualisations activate your chakra system, allowing energy to build deep within you.

Your initial session prepares you for subsequent sessions, which may involve advanced sensual techniques to enhance your sexual energy. Many independent masseuses in London offer body rubs and other sophisticated services such as Nuru or prostate massages.

A profound Kundalini awakening can bring about a transformative change in your life. It is a powerful, expansive experience that can be unexpectedly triggered. Don't be surprised if this spiritual awakening sparks sensual feelings or heightened sexual desires during or after a body rub. Kundalini is the primal energy from which all aspects of life arise.

Special Massage Treatments for Couples

Body rubs and massages involve techniques that encompass massaging the legs, abdomen, thighs, breasts, and intimate areas of the body, which prepares for the intimate Yoni massage for women. During these sessions, varying speeds, pressures, and motions encourage deep breathing. It's normal for powerful emotions to surface, possibly leading to tears; in such moments, maintaining steady breathing is essential.

If an orgasm occurs, the focus remains on breathing and continuing the massage if prolonged sensations are desired.

Respect for personal boundaries is paramount in all body rub sessions provided by independent masseuses in London and the UK. The massage experience revolves around your comfort level and preferences. Body rub therapy sessions for men typically last one to two hours, aiming to heal both the body and soul by awakening sexual energy through specialised techniques.

In sensual and tantric teachings, this experience is often called "riding the wave," helping individuals expand their capacity for bliss and extend moments of climax. This can lead to heightened intimacy and connection when shared with a partner.

A traditional massage or body rub can effectively relieve physical and emotional stress, a service increasingly sought after among professionals in London. It has the potential to improve overall health and well-being significantly. Tailoring each session to meet the specific needs of every client, we aim to deliver multiple waves of intense pleasure while promoting relaxation.

The best erotic Body Rubs in London & the UK is highly popular among adults and couples seeking sensual relaxation after a long day at work or travel. The experience is deeply relaxing and sensual, offering lasting health benefits that justify the investment. It enhances personal well-being and fosters a better understanding of your partner’s needs.

Private Body Rub Massages

Using techniques such as deep tissue, relaxing, and Swedish massage combined with gentle touches, we facilitate the flow of sensual energy and release blocked sexual energy. Engaging in multiple sessions can lead to heightened sensations and longer or multiple orgasms.

Many people in London are unaware of the profound pleasures their bodies can experience beyond a simple orgasm. Body rub and erotic massage in London can unlock these hidden potentials and teach you to reconnect with your sensual essence.

It’s a holistic approach blending sacred sensuality with understanding the human body and mind, offering a pathway to reset your natural blueprint and embrace your full sensual potential. You can increase your energy levels and stamina through regular body rub sessions.


Julia Rossa - an author, blogger, medical journalist, and certified sex therapist. Educated at London Metropolitan University, she brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective to her writing. Julia is dedicated to providing evidence-based insights on sexual health and wellness, aiming to destigmatise conversations around sex. With years of experience as a therapist, she is also a massage and fitness enthusiast. Through her engaging blog and widely-read articles, Julia empowers readers to enhance their intimate relationships and embrace their sexuality with confidence.

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