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Sensual, Erotic and Naturist Tantric Massages in London & the UK

Delve into the world of tantric touch and allow yourself to fully relax with the help of a sensual massage. By booking a massage through, you can truly indulge yourself and melt away your daily tensions. Our sensational massage specialists are based in London and throughout the UK and we have made it easy for you to find the perfect one to cater to your needs. All you need to do is book an appointment for a through the website and enjoy the service in the comfort of your home, hotel, or private residence.

Sensual naturist massages involve a combination of massage techniques, performed by the most enchanting nude massage therapists who explore your sensual side. The experience will leave you feeling thoroughly revitalized and empowered.

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Adult Massage - What is it?

It may sound obvious, adult massage is just a massage that is performed on adults, isn’t it? Well, you are right that it is for adults only, and this is because the massage technique used is more sensual and erotic.

Massage intended for adults uses similar massage techniques found in therapeutic massage, such as kneading and pressing soft tissues in the body to promote good health and wellbeing. It becomes adult orientated when it gets more sensual and focuses on the more intimate areas of your body.

An erotic massage can incorporate different strokes and techniques that may not be used in a traditional massage.

It is no surprise that couples often use intimate massage to get to know each other’s bodies and find out what is pleasurable, it helps them to build stronger relationships. Sensual massages are often used by couples to express feelings and bring them closer together and therefore they are more intimate and target the sexual areas of the body.

An adult only massage doesn’t necessarily mean sex, however the different strokes and techniques used can lead to similar sensations and feelings that you get from having sex. In other words, adult/sensual massages can lead to orgasms and who doesn’t want that?

Tantric/Erotic Massage – What are the benefits?

It has been said that tantric massage can de-stress the mind, encourage sleep and minimise the anxieties that come from a busy lifestyle.

Most people in the world suffer from stress, whether that be from work, homelife, family issues, money concerns or other problems they may be facing. Finding a way to fully relax and switch off can be challenging. Tantric massage supplies a way to escape from your worries and let your body have time to recharge.

Studies have shown that erotic/tantric massage can increase mental alertness, so it is no wonder that businesspeople are choosing this style of massage above all others. It is the perfect choice for those who find it difficult to switch off.

Using similar techniques to traditional massage therapies, tantric and erotic massage can also boost your mood and heighten your sense of pleasure.

There are multiple benefits that arise from partaking in erotic massage. In the most physiological form, this style of massage is said to improve the lubrication between the fibres of the muscles, thus allowing the muscles to move optimally while relaxing the whole body. As the lubrication increases between the muscles, the circulation also increases and that brings nutrients to the cells of the body, allowing the body to get rid of the blocked toxins.

Just like other forms of massage it can bring alignment and a sense of ease to your whole body, and you will find that your body and mind will be able to function better in the days following the massage.

Yoni Massage

Yoni is a name given to the vagina, and ancient tantric massage uses massage practices to show respect and love to the yoni.

By that definition, yoni massage is a means of honouring women. This massage form is both sensual and pleasurable. The intent is not to bring the woman to orgasm but to awaken her awareness of her own sexuality, and to generate a bond of trust and intimacy with her partner. Orgasm is a welcome benefit, but it is not the intent or focus of yoni tantra massage or kundalini massage.

Prostate Massage

In ancient tantric massage practices, the prostate was regarded as a sacred spot on a man. The stimulation of which can not only give exceedingly pleasurable sensations, but even transport a person out and beyond his limitations.

One of the features of tantra massage that makes it really stand out among the other types of massage, is its ability to stimulate a man’s pleasure senses.

Erotic Massage – A brief history

Erotic massage, just like the other forms of massage, can be considered one of the oldest forms of body therapy. In fact, numerous reports have revealed that it was widely used for relaxation purposes and health benefits. People applied sweeping hand movements and strokes across the body to relieve pain caused by everyday stress and demanding work.

Although there is no evidence to suggest the real origin of erotic sensual massage, many researchers have noted that it was once applied in ancient China, Egypt, Rome, Greece and the United Kingdom and has been passed down through generations.

Erotic Massage - What to expect?

Erotic massage is a form of massage that includes your whole body, including intimate areas also known as erogenous zones (mouth, penis, vagina and anus).

Prior to the massage, you will be given the opportunity to take a bath or shower and once dry you will be asked to relax before the therapist begins.

You will then be asked to lie on your back with bended knees and hands resting on your abdomen. By putting you in this pose, the massage therapist is encouraging you to relax your breathing and supplying the opportunity for your muscles to stretch without strain. The massage therapist will then begin the massage and guide you along the way until you feel fully rejuvenated.

Massage Techniques

There are several different techniques involved in erotic massage. These techniques can be categorized into three groups: light pressure massage, medium pressure massage, and deep pressure massage.

Light pressure massage

The light relaxing massage techniques are those designed to relax the body. The pressure is soft, and the touch is delicate. This is a good starting point if you are new to erotic massage and are unsure of what pressure to choose. The massage therapist can alter the pressure as he/she goes if you would like it to be harder or softer.

Medium pressure massage

The medium relaxation massage techniques involved in sensual massage refer to those techniques that are often found in spa settings, and just like the light massage these are carried out across the whole body.

Deep pressure massage

Finally, the deep tissue massage techniques (one style is Swedish massage) are those that involve deep kneading and stroking of the bodily tissues to determine the cause of a particular problem. Using this level of pressure can lead to some discomfort but this is normal, and the benefits will become apparent the next day when your body feels lighter and pain free.

Sensual and Tantric Massage for reviving your Body and Mind

When considering the senses that a human body has, touch is probably the most powerful and intuitive sense that we possess. Massage therapy has been used throughout the ages to produce not only feelings of pleasure but also to relieve pain. The difference between normal massage and tantric/erotic massage is that tantric massage puts pleasure at the forefront of the experience and intends to harness sexual energy within the body.

Most people today will admit that they live a busy life, with little to no time allocated in their schedule to relax. Professional and personal commitments, domestic duties, and childrearing can make the hours in a day fill up fast. Regardless of how you approach your time to rest, it is particularly important to find time to do just that, rest. Having a massage, whether it be a normal massage or an erotic one, is an ideal way to give your body and mind time to switch off and recharge.

On this website you can find independent massage therapists specialising in sensual, tantric and erotic massage as well as professionals who are versed in both contemporary and traditional techniques. We are confident that due to the high quality of the massage therapists that we have available, you will find the perfect one who can have you feeling fully relaxed and rejuvenated in no time.

Erotic Massage in London

​London is a fantastic, energetic and fun-filled city. It‘s well known for having an abundance of superior entertainment for adults and families alike.

Whether your stay in London is for a business trip, a fun-filled vacation, or a relocation initiated by your company you might find you want or need a session of massage therapy to help you to unwind.

Erotic massages in London are easy to book and can be carried out in the place of your choosing. They are a great experience and people from all over the UK are now choosing to book them over a traditional therapeutic massage. If your goal is to achieve complete relaxation and relieve stress with a slow erotic soothing massage, don’t hesitate to book one through our website today.

Most invigorating massage sessions will incorporate the use of aromatic oils and candlelight, using these can be an effective way to stimulate your other senses whilst the massage therapist works his/her magic. You can enjoy an entire body sensual, soapy massage or oriental bliss massage session with an independent therapist and come away from it feeling like a new person.

On you will find best massage therapists who are experienced in the art of sensual and intimate Body2Body, Tantric, Nuru, Naturist, and Erotic massages. They conduct in calls at massage rooms and outcalls visiting your home or hotel. They will prepare the room and ensure that everything is set up to give you an amazing experience.

Tantric Massage- a brief history

Tantric massage was practised centuries ago in the temples of ancient India. It incorporated a full body massage in which the massage therapist and the person receiving the massage were nude.

Tantric naturist massage was often considered as an art form and involved the spiritual Ayurveda of peace, tranquillity and healing. Pressure was applied by the massage therapist to get all the aches out of the body and unblock energy flows to meridians and organs.

An extraordinary intimate relaxing full body tantric erotic massage is a spiritual experience that will delight your whole body, all physical boundaries dissolve, time disappears, and all problems no longer seem important. You will feel incredible pleasure within your whole body, and you are sure to have an unforgettable experience.

Tantric Nude Massage

Tantric nude massage is performed nude by both parties, both the massage therapist and the receiver are completely naked. This enables you to get to know your body better. Many adults and couples throughout the UK now use it is a way to rebuild a troubled relationship, as it can bring you both closer together.

It is a style that is available on the website to both individuals and couples. Incorporating a slow and close contact massage, the goal is to encourage a sense of relaxation and comfort. It is important that during the massage you open your mind to allow it to become more relaxed and inquisitive.

Tantric nude massages are a wonderful way in which therapeutic massage techniques are blended with eroticism and allow the receiver of the massage to release their daily stresses.

It combines manipulations of the muscles, to help ease out the tensions that are held in the body. The benefits are immense, and your passion will grow stronger and deeper as it helps to align your spiritual self with your physical self. The receiver is encouraged to embrace the feeling of physical touch all over their body and therefore become more open and comfortable with their sensual selves.

This type of massage can help you to transcend your mind, find inner peace, love, sexual expansion, intimacy and love. Naturist massage can reveal unknown aspects of our mind and body and allow you to have a deeper connection with yourself.

On our website you will find independent private massage therapists offering a sensuous and unique experience in London and other locations throughout the UK.

Your nude massage therapist can supply an intimate and comforting atmosphere, where you can unwind and allow your senses to open themselves to pleasure.

You will find a fantastic selection of beautiful and qualified massage therapists who are available for both in calls and outcalls. You can choose your massage therapist and arrange a session of erotic and sensual massage that can fit perfectly around your busy schedule.

Nuru Massage

Nuru massage is a style of massage that originated in Japan. Nuru massage is conducted with application of Nuru gel all over your nude body. Both the massage therapist and the receiver will be covered in the gel to give a complete body-to-body sensual experience. Nuru massage is a great stress reliever and leaves skin amazingly moisturized, shiny, sleek and hydrated.

The Nuru gel water-based formula contains 98% natural ingredients - nori seaweed, aloe vera, chamomile flower extract, and grape seed extract.

The massage is given on a bed with a plastic sheet on top of it (provided by the massage therapist). The sheet allows for ease of movement and ensures that the gel does not absorb into your bed sheets. Although the clear and odourless gel does not stain the material, it would not allow for a full Nuru experience. Nuru massage is a wonderful experience that we would highly recommend.

Full Body Erotic Massage

Human beings are sensuous beings with pleasure derived from senses of taste, smell sight, sound, and touch. The sense of touch, being the most powerful sense, can bring closeness to a relationship, even a cuddle can make you feel more connected to someone. Full body erotic massage incorporates touch for pleasure and sets out to supply a means of comfort and acceptance for every individual.

Preparing for a full body erotic massage means relaxing your body fully. Like traditional massages, a mixing of essential oils can be used for an even better experience, and the massage therapist can supply these. You can however, if you prefer, buy ready to use products such as Nuru gel. Music can be added to the experience if you prefer. The massage therapist can cater to your needs so please be sure to let them know what your personal preferences are.

Another important thing to consider when using massage gel for full body naturist sensual massage, is to always read the ingredients and assess any massage gel to make sure that it has nothing in it that you may have an allergy to. Just apply a small amount of the oil or gel to a sensitive area, like the breast or the inside of the upper arm, and then wait to see the results. If you don’t react to it, it is safe for you to use.Taking these precautions will allow you to fully enjoy the experience.

A full body erotic massage, when performed by an experienced massage therapist, can have many benefits. One main benefit of it is it to release stress and tension. It can even allow the receiver to reach a feeling of well-being in a loving and pleasant way. It can restore energy to tired muscles, uplifting the spirit and soothing the mind.

A full body erotic massage can also be a fantastic way to restore the natural energy that is present in the body. Indeed, a full body sensual massage is an excellent way of obtaining pleasure, not only in the body but also in the mind and spirit.

Most participants of full body naturist massage have said it can satisfy both partners by creating a two-way flow of love. Moreover, a full body oil erotic massage is highly beneficial for partners looking for ways to rebuild a strong relationship. They can share intimacy, which in turn can improve their sensual arousal for one another and of course their relationship.

Before your full body erotic massage experience, a pillow for the head and a hand towel over the pillows will be supplied to aid relaxation and prevent any staining from the gel.

To make the most out of the experience, it is a requirement in delivering a full body erotic massage that a high-quality massage oil is used, but it must be used with care. One main tip for using massage oil or gel is never to apply a large amount, initially use a small pea sized amount, with which you can add to if you should need more. Using too much can hinder the quality of the massage and the surface becomes too wet, making it difficult to add any pressure to the hand strokes.

Traditional Massages in London

Are you looking for a massage therapist in London who offers a more traditional type of massage? There are a range of different massages available to you at just the click of a button including: Thai massage, Chinese massage, Sports massage, Swedish massage, Deep Tissue massage or Relaxing massage.

All you need to do to book one of these styles is visit the website 'Massages Me UK'. Here you will discover the best independent massage therapists in London. They offer a range of treatments and can also work around your requirements, offering visiting mobile massage and private massage studios in venues across London.

If you want to feel fully relaxed, what are you waiting for? Head over to the website and book one now, you wont regret it!

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