Touring the World as an Escort or Masseuse

Touring the World as an Escort or Masseuse

Escorting on tour makes you exotic. Turn your time into a hot commodity by making those windows regionally short and worth top shelf pricing. There is a strong argument here for only escorting on tour. Escorts make more money when they book a room and work more intensively with as many punters as possible in that time. If you just cut out the local steadies you can live a normal life where no one should ever need to know how you earn your living. Not much chance of running into a client at the corner store when you do your business so far from home. While searching for escorts near me I come across many websites which offer the services in London and the UK. This proofs the demand those services are facing in time when social distancing and internet took over the World.

Work Holidays as an Escort

Everyone gets sick of the same old, same old, but if you book a few hotel rooms for somewhere you’d like to go anyway with quite a lot of time to promote your “tour” before hand, you get the change of scenery, the excitement of travel where you are in control of the trip, and you can explore new and untapped pools of punters.

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Coming to the city near you. Adult massages in the UK, England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland provided by independent massage providers.

You’re the Fresh Girl on the Scene

When you advertise that you are only going to be in an area for three days, it puts a premium on your time in the region. They haven’t seen you advertising in their area before, and ad tells them that you are only available for a limited time, creating an urgency that’s not present for that area’s local working girls. If you appeal to them, they might switch out their regular steady booking to see you that week for a one-off change of pace. Traveling escorts open up a rare market; the highly paranoid punter. Some clients only want to book where there is the lowest possible risk of getting caught doing so. Just being from out of town adds a layer of discretion to the date.

You Can Travel Where the Money Is

Big business events and conventions can be big money makers if you know how to work them. Targeting and marketing to a specific industry and then following their shows might even make it possible for you to develop steady clients while traveling on tour. Similarly, setting up shop up at vacation hotspots at during their peak season virtually guarantees you access to moneyed punters looking to blow off some steam. Researching where to go, and when, can help you make the most money for the least amount of effort.

You could use a vacation, and there are plenty of reasons to take one. Take these first five for a start, and run with it. You can break your routine, and come home with more money than you had when you left, or would have made, had you stayed put.

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Rent a Flat and Stay Longer in London

​Incall or Outcall may seem like a simple decision but it can quickly become complicated when you factor in the complexities of putting your personal address online, dealing with the wishes of a roommate, navigating the variables involved with most local hotel room rentals and the simpler problems that arise from meeting in the same exact place every time you entertain a client.
Popular web platforms helping clients find rooms, entire apartments or houses for rent with terms custom tailored to fit each individual involved. That means you can look up a an Air B n B in central London and arrange the exact dates you’ll be using the space directly with the owners.
Really, this is easy and time well spent. Your client might even want to give you a massage in return? Doesn’t that just sound incredibly tempting… being paid to be pleasured? Love your job.

You can check out available tantric masseuse and masseurs in your city. Adult massages in the UK, England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland provided by independent massage providers.

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