Nuru Massage Guide

Nuru Massage Guide

Nuru massage is like a slippery dance party for your senses! Imagine a magical gel made from seaweed that turns your body into a super smooth slide. It's like gliding on a water slide, but with a delightful twist - it's not just for kids!

This amazing massage technique originated in Japan and involves a talented masseuse using their whole body to give you a massage. Yep, you heard that right - hands, arms, legs, and even their belly! It's like getting a massage from a massage wizard.

The secret sauce is the Nuru gel - the star of the show! It's a special gel that's odourless, colourless, and so slippery you'll feel like you're floating on clouds. It's basically the Beyoncé - of massage gels - smooth, fabulous, and ready to rock your world!

Once you're all warmed up and relaxed, the Nuru dance begins! The masseuse glides over you, using those magical hands and body parts to create a dance of pleasure. It's not just a massage; it's a full-body experience that leaves you feeling blissfully euphoric!

But hey, it's not all about fun and games. Science says Nuru massage can do wonders for your body and mind. It can release tension, increase blood flow, and boost your feel-good hormones. It's like a party for your brain and muscles!

Oh, and did we mention the intimacy? Nuru massage creates a special bond between you and your partner, making it a fantastic way to connect on a deeper level. It's like a secret language that only you two understand.

So, the next time you're in the mood for a massage extravaganza, consider trying Nuru massage. It's like a slippery, slidey, and sensational journey that'll leave you feeling like a superstar! Get ready to unleash your inner massage rockstar with Nuru massage - the coolest, slippiest, and most exhilarating massage party ever!

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Nuru Massage Guide - How to Give a Nuru Massage

You don't need to be an expert masseuse as the fun is in the erotic sensation of a body to body massage using this natural, safe, non-perfumed and slippery nuru gel. All you need is a tub of Nuru massage gel and some wet skin. Used as couples or with a client, this massage is performed with both participants nude for an ultra close and ultra-erotic experience. Follow these step-by-step instructions for the perfect and most rewarding Nuru massage. Just be prepared to experience the greatest orgasmic gratification you have ever had.

8 Steps for Best Nuru Massage Experience

1. Prepare the room area. Nuru gel works best on an inflatable mattress which won't absorb the gel and so will keep things slippery and interesting for longer. Or you can cover your bed with a latex mattress. Nuru gel doesn't stain so you don't have to worry about your sheets and towels, but as ordinary sheets are absorbent, we recommend you use latex or rubber for maximum enjoyment. You may need to have a couple of towels handy for afterward.

2. Set the mood with a few scented candles and dimmed lighting. Turn up the heat, put on a little music perhaps, set the video to record, a spotlight to illuminate certain areas, whatever takes your fancy! If it puts you in the right mood then it's all good. If you are preparing the room for your client then you can do this whilst they have a shower.

3. Whilst you run a nice warm bath, just pop the Nuru gel into a sink or bowl of hot water so the heat can penetrate the gel. Warmth is a comforting sensation which enables the muscles in your body to relax and remain supple and flexible. As the Nuru massage encourages you to try out positions you've never experienced before, it's best to be completely relaxed and pliant.

4. Take an intimate warm bath or shower together and take some time to explore each other's bodies whilst allowing the warm water to soak through your skin. This will put you both in just the right mood and enable your bodies to fully relax and even get a little aroused. Having wet and supple skin is essential for you to fully appreciate the sensual pleasure the gel will invoke and it will of course, heighten your enjoyment of it. Do not dry yourselves when you get out of the bath as the gel works best on warm, wet skin.

5. Pour the warmed nuru gel into a wooden bowl and mix it with just a small amount of warm water until you get the consistency you desire. Too much water can make the gel runny so just add a little at a time. Mixing it with your hands will give you a much better idea of the consistency. Try mixing it together for a little fun beforehand. The gel should be gloopy but not watery.

6. Whilst you are both still warm and wet, retire to your prepared room which should not be too hot nor too cold. 35 degrees has been considered the optimum temperature for things to get a little steamy. Allow your partner to lay down on their back whilst you massage as much, or as little, as you like over their body. Allow the gel to pour over their back and starting at the top and using deep stroking movements, work your way down to the bottom nice and slowly. Use your fingers, hands, feet, toes, arms, breasts, buttocks and any other parts of your body to rub the gel in and have fun.

7. Once your partner is slippery, wet and warm you can change positions and allow them to stroke the gel all over your own body, starting at the top and again, working their way slowly downwards using every part of themselves to slather it over you. Now you will fully appreciate the meaning of a slippery Nuru massage.

8. Now that you are both fully coated, you can squirm and slide over each other, exploring the body in fun new ways, using your imagination to experiment, tease, arouse and pleasure each other. And just in case things aren't wet and moist enough, you can also use Nuru gel as a lubricant for a spicier and more climatic experience. Don't hold back, just go with whatever feels good and let your imaginations run wild! Unlike some other massage gels, the Nuru gel washes off easily leaving no residue, stains or scent, just the memories of a blissful and fulfilling nuru massage London. Once you've benefitted from Nuru gel you won't be able to imagine sex without it. It's fast becoming the most popular form of sensual massage in London and worldwide.

Final Thoughts About Nuru Massage

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